Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

With My Feet Barely Stands

Windy breeze, thin air, standing on top of a mountain to fluently talk about smallness
Caressing my own voice that's frequently echoing the sorrow that escapes with no clothes
Birds walk along with conceit glued to their furs, blatantly appear amid solitude
It's so soothing, the feeling that remains unsolved crept in slowly from my boots

A divine roaring, somewhere, sometimes, wakes the whole part of my heart-shaped iceberg loudly

Sounds like a thousand whispers, harmonizes in a choir, beautifully sings about what life can be
If eyes could start trying to understand what heart eagerly want to see

Dark clouds were hanging there, greedily ate each other so the light could land on the ground
But it took so long, when the sun finally shone, to realise what has been lost and found

Is that a huge creature named dinosaur that's reflected abstractly at the rippled-water?
Or is that the size of ignorance that all the time has politely chose me as its carrier?

Now i forget the feeling of waiting hopefully for the phone to ring
Of getting extremely excited in response of an invitation from human being
The lighthouse has intensely guided me and left my mind shattered
On a boat upon a promised stream of living happily ever after

How i envy that little girl, the blonde one, who could obviously see an unicorn
For the beat of my heart hastily tell me to wish upon it for being reborn

January 2010

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