Rabu, 29 Mei 2013

Why Do We Watch Movies?

"Why do we watch movies? No, really, why is it? As close an answer as we’ve ever come to for our own, fairly evident obsession with what we consider the greatest storytelling medium humankind has ever developed, is well, that life is short. Bear with us a second on this: basically to submerge yourself in a story well-told is a way to live out other lives within your own, and through those complex and magical processes of identification, to breathe and dream and feel things that your own short span might otherwise never afford you. Of course for many movies that experience, of killing a mutant robot or whatever, may have evaporated before you’ve picked the last of the popcorn husks from between your teeth. But occasionally, very rarely, we experience the cinema not of escape but of exploration in which the discoveries you make stay with you and become knitted into the fabric of your memory as surely as if you’d really been there, really done that."

oleh Jessica Kiang dalam review film Blue is the Warmest Color (memenangkan Palme d'Or di Festival Film Cannes 2013) yang dimuat di blog film The Playlist dan kemudian saya amini dengan sepenuh hati. 

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