Senin, 25 Juli 2011

At the Airport of Subconscious

"Solitude is fine,
but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine."

(Honore de Balzac)

What about a rocket? It can carry someone to outer space. Moon, Mars, the ring of Saturn, or even out of the Milky Way, those are the places you want to be, right?

Well those are exciting, surely are. But the question is, are you gonna go with me?

Umm, I don’t know. I’m not sure.
What is it?

I don’t know. I mean, well, it’ll be pretty something to be in it, to be there, to go flying around between stars and the likes. It’ll be fun to be in Star Wars, you know, to live in science fiction. That is crazy. But…

Yeah, but?

But I’d rather go someplace else.
Oh really? Like where?

Just someplace else. I often think about a land where everything is not correctly colored. Where the sky is not blue but rather pale purple or maybe dark yellow, if that sort of color does exist. Where the sea is transparent so everyone can see clearly what’s under it. Where the color of the grass always changes according to my mood. And the sun beams its ray just like the lighting tricks at a rock ‘n’ roll concert, it flickers, it spins like a disco, it highlights the soul y’know what I mean? And the color of the sun is silver. Yeah, I guess so. That’s where I intend to be. Do you get the picture?

Yes of course I do, more or less, yes. That’s splendid! Sounds so girly but it’s charming anyway. Sounds like Disney’s feature. I imagine there will be talking animals as well. Or winged people?

Winged people? No, not them, I’m not that kinda girl, y’know. Winged people sound silly, so do seven dwarves and fairy godmothers. Definitely out of my clouds. I don’t approve them. But talking animals are in. Animals are pretty and they deserve language to explain their feelings about anything.

Hmm, they’re gonna be a bit fussy, don’t you think? Merry, crowded, noisy. They might talk about us human, about how arrogant, deadly, dangerous, and reckless we are. And that’ll be a nonstop conversation among them.

What? Uncomfortable to you?

Yeah, the noises. My idea of an excursion is to get into some kind of tranquility where I can spoil my eyes with a series of extraordinary views and surroundings. You know, it’s all about “enjoying” and that’s that. I don’t want to be in a middle of a crowd, it happens all the time in my life; I just want a special term and condition.

Okay I got it. I’m reconsidering talking animals. Maybe I’ll put dogs. They’re familiar cute pets, people rarely do any harms to them so they won’t do any bad conversation in return. All dogs go to heaven, don't they? And then it has to be a lion, the wisest of all, the king, the bravest beast, a majestic creature. Look, I’m not gonna turn this place into a state of constitutional monarchy, but it’s just that I love lion, y’know what I mean? And then a herd of dolphins. They always smile and I guess it’s alright. Mmm… well, I’ll think about the rest of the animals later. So, what about this term and condition you were saying? Any detail?

Let me think. You know, I always dream of a place with a whole chance of defying gravity. Drifting away freely. A place full of lights, fully futuristic, and the air feels like mild menthol. I’d like to be on the sky and look down to the parade of colorful light dots.

So that’s where the idea of winged people came out.

Well― mmm… not really. I’m not talking about having a pair of wings.

Wouldn’t it be nicer if using a spaceship, or a jet, to fly?

That’s right! I was thinking about that in a flash. Flying man is overrated, a bit boring. You know what, I’m thinking about a zeppelin or a gas balloon, a big one! That’s how I’ll beat the gravity.

Sounds better!

Okay. I have to be specific right now. So this place has buildings in gothic architecture with meticulous design, and they’re not in monochrome as always, they have some colors that glow in the dark. The ground can glow too; if we step on it then it will partly glow in particular colors, depends on what mood we’re in. The stars are alight in the sky, bright silver of whimsical forms arranged in tidy constellation. The moon moves in circle, revolves around the land. Fireflies spark their electricity; they look like a wave of laser beam dancing through town, so eccentric. The trees sparkle. Traffic signs sparkle. Road markings sparkle. Sculptures sparkle. Towers sparkle. The place is shining. The place is shining to cover the darkness it’s in. And that’s the way it’s gonna be.

That’s far out, man. Cruising over a shiny town in a motorized bubble. Wherever the wind blows, it won’t ever be a dull moment of sightseeing.


Nice! Well, you know, there are something sparkling too in my place. Mushrooms! Big mushrooms! They are transparent, like crystals; they are blue, like sapphires. Sunray radiates toward them, makes them produce several light sticks like the one from a lighthouse y’know what I mean? And then the clouds fly low. Pastel-pink-colored clouds in which I’m tangled. The air is colored in pastels too, any colors you like except black, white, and grey; that’s too much black, white, and grey in our world, isn’t it? A bit boring isn’t it?

Yeah, right. I agree. But hey, at last you mention “pink”; it won’t be complete without that color, will it? All in all, your place is so inviting and inciting. I’d like to be there.

I’d like to be in your place too, will it be too crowded if I join in?

No, no. From the beginning, it was designed to be occupied by only two people. Only two. So you are very welcome.

Ah, that’s about the same with mine. So then, when and where and who to go first?

It’s up to you.

I can’t decide, you do.

Hmm, okay. Look, there’s a sun in your place and there are stars in mine. So it’s easy, I go to yours when it’s day, and in the night you can go to mine. How about that?

Brilliant. Let’s do it now. Come to my place.

Right! Now? How?

Yes, now! Just step into my head. Come on, jump in!

Wait a minute. I guess it’ll be more interesting if we go by riding something?

Do you think so?


Alright then, what about a rocket?

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