Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

With Peppermint Scent


With peppermint scent dropped from fluorescent kites that towed away back and forth by curly wind in the monotone cyan sky,
There the sun was never too shy to get high,
On a land where unpaved road stretched out from my murky shoes and took an infinite zigzag shape to a place where the mighty mist might elegantly awake,
There the cake eaters gathered ‘round to make a bake
And bulb trees are all covered by transparent blanket on which colorful polkadot danced along by the rhytm of sunrise and sunset

Merry sounds from the gig on the clouds flashed their voices in rainbow laserbeam,
Warm wavy river was wandering wildly and filled fully by fluffy fishlike ice cream,
Endless corridor of small-sized purple umbrellas flickered, tapped, rotated, then smashed inside the longing lucid dream,
It’s kinda noisy over here,
Blurry, artsy and cutie,
And i presume you think it’s crazy, too...
But with peppermint scent fell down as I made a grin, right there i started to step in

Traveled around inside the longest taxi I have ever known,
Saw the biggest family of rabbits busy mixing shiny carrots with cherry pies,
By an universal remote control the channel in the television switched,
it screened the light of the entrance of the hall of the mind of the beautiful people,
The place where yellow bursts in amethyst then tacitly turns into dark raspberry that built a sturdy emerald palace from where gently rise up the electric lime

There are pumpkins, packed up in automatic trolleys
They played screeching harmonicas, took a journey along the rousing alley
For their life upon kitchen table has always been so dreary
Now they headed for a mission to a zero degree of worry
A girl rode an apple,
Aeroplane spin on gramophone,
A howling wolf sang a melodic tune,
Arsenic toxic blew into luminous metallic firework,
It looked really magical,
Colossal, comical and epical,
And with peppermint flavor washed up my face, I tried to catch the right words that I chased

Alphabet and numbers are borned out of the leaf queen,
Sunglasses reflected the echo of muted happiness narration,
Balloons flew above the spectators’ hat inside a huge digital colosseum,
Elephants fleet are lined up in railway with their ancestor’s drums held by their trunks,
Circus tents spread out the fragrance of adrenaline,
Face powder kept the hanging garden white and clean,
The professor and his dog planted the epitaph of our sins,
While the amazing sphinx drove away our yellow submarine

This is about time
That I want to live in a dream in my record machine,
In a tip of color in my painting canvas,
Under the highlight of my projector ray,
Around the interlocking ink of my paper sheets,
Enter the world where the mantra is believing,
The landscape is all breathtaking,
Heart-throbbing, mouthwatering, groundbreaking,
And with licorice peppermint taste tightly smothers my feeling, here I stands at the dawn of somewhat everlasting.

5 komentar:

  1. psychedelic-ly beautiful writings, ki malar.

    so I assume it's not going to be Astra, then ;) yippie-ka-yay.

  2. finally.. new post!
    no need to comment, you know what's on my mind :D

  3. it's all about smoking menthol cigarette alone in a bathroom at one terrifying midnight when "getting out of reality" is a powerful wish, ha ha, or maybe, it's just about my trying on redefining wonderland, or whatever.

  4. oh, boy. someday we definitely will find and go to that wonderland.